Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hello Every one,

We really appreciate  so much the support you give which enable us always reach out to the children.
This month has been full of ceremonies  and getting to know our history for the last 50 years which was great.

At the foundation our focus was on our under 12 soccer team so impressed with the boys and their coach.
Some kids from a  local school  invited us for a cup match on Independence day but sad note we lost the game this team is full of street kids as you all know who come to in our weekly programs at the foundation.
Most come in our foot ball programs to discover their talents  and unity together as a group to socialize with friends some  even make strong positive decisions in life like stop taking drugs or may not to get involved in violence
 Here is our under 12 boys foot ball team with our new foot shirts donated  by one of our friends from Netherlands.

 We moved on with meeting the kids at the community center this month had Kizito George William got a burn on his skin and Musaka Ivan with car accident my team and i worked so hard to see that this guys are still now in the main hospital  still monitoring their progress below is the photos of Ivan and George during in our program at the community center.

We still have our feeding program some times other miss out to get food  due to increasing number of the street children.
My special thanks goes to all those friends who spend a little from what their have in this hard economical times making sure that we have to feed this children it means a lot below is the photos of the street kids when having food during our program.

Appreciate so much the love you share with us in Uganda cause we have more than 360 page viewers which is amazing you can share this with some of your friends God bless peace and love and unity always.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Busy September!!

Hello once again everyone,
we thank you all for your support and love you showed us last month, all those who helped us to do our work to improve the lives of street  children and orphans. We renewed our certificate and also the city council of Kampala gave us an award for our outstanding work. 

we also thank the people who came down here and we worked together and volunteered and we also thank you so much for the donations and medical equipment, we are very grateful and the children are very happy for the clothes and books.

we held a lot of class room study, counseling and teaching the children about their rights, the dangers of drug abuse and the importance of staying in school.

we also had a lot of sport and recreation activities, we played football with other charities and also we invited other volunteers to come and do internship with us.
This photo down here is our football team together with Mom and Naomi, we had a very good time with mom and Naomi, the kids liked them a lot and we enjoyed that Sunday very much, the kids loved the refreshments and the video shoot

we also did a lot of donations like giving out clothes and sports equipment and also treated the kids who had injuries and those who were sick during our program-me, those who were very sick were sent to the hospital, and we give special thanks to our friends in Denmark, France, Belgium and the UK.

We thank Mr Roland Buelens for all the donations you flew to us and the big heart you and your family have for the children, the photo down was taken when we the children were saying bye to you and they were very happy for everything, i think you can see the smiles on their faces

we thank our friends and partners for all the support to this cause, we shall soon update and post the activities and program mes for October soon, peace and love, greetings from the children.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Kisenyi Childrens Foundation Child sponsership profile

Who we are........ 

Kisenyi Children Foundation (KCF) is a nonprofit community based organization (CBO)  formed in 2010 in Kampala, Uganda by a group of a group of community leaders and former street children, familiar with the struggles of street life, who wanted to help orphans and street children children in their community current street children to see their potential and to get off the streets. We started with basic outreach sessions in Kisenyi, the largest slum in Kampala, seeking the most vulnerable children  and providing all the food, basic medical care and emotional support we could give. We have expanded our reach greatly since then, but our mission has remained the same:

KCF seeks to support orphans and vulnerable children to grow and succeed.
With this goal always in mind, we have continued to provide services to some of the hardest-to-reach children who are most in need of support and have the fewest resources at their disposal. We are a small organization fully committed to the needs of our local community. 

Who the Kids Are

Currently 15 children are in our programs. These include 10 boys and 5  girls, ranging in age from 2 years to 16 years. Many come in with significant psychological trauma or having spent years out of school. Poverty, HIV/AIDS, and civil conflicts in recent years in Uganda have driven many of these children to the streets, either by economic necessity (to work and support their families) or because they simply have nowhere else to go.
In addition, we continue to provide basic outreach services to numerous children still on the streets, dealing with the everyday pressures of violence, drugs, poor sanitary conditions and health problems. This outreach includes meal provision, crisis intervention (i.e., dealings with the police, hospital admissions), basic first aid and medical care, and cultural activities and performances. 

What We Do

In addition to operating our shelter, KCF seeks to provide children at our home with the following:
·         Subsidization of school fees and provision of school supplies
·         Healthy and nourishing meals
·         Counseling and emotional support
·         Therapy through arts and drama
·         Training in dance and acrobatics
·         Skills in income-generating activities including jewelry making, animal caretaking, agriculture and traditional crafts
·         A community of support and belonging with other children
·         Where possible, resettlement with family or in home community
In addition, we are advocates for the children we serve, and all of the street children of Uganda, at both the community and governmental level. We seek to raise awareness of the plight these children face and to spark action to assist and heal these children, rather than to punish or incarcerate.

How you Can Help
There are a number of ways to support KCF’s work. Below are suggestions of sponsorship ‘levels’ that might guide your donation:
1. Full sponsorship of one child -$50 per month As part of the sponsorship ,you will receive quarterly reports from staff with pictures outlining the child’s progress, report cards summaries after each school term and correspondence opportunities  with the child. We are open to feedback should you be interested in additional particular info/opportunities for communication.
2. Partial sponsorship of one child- $30 per month – same as above but you will be matched with another donor in order to provide full support to a child.

3. An amount of your choosing (either a one- time donation or a monthly sum) – As part of this form sponsorship, you will receive quarterly report of the program and an update on children in general. This form of sponsorship is also highly needed and very much appreciated.

Street life

The majority of street children in Uganda live in Kampala, where they depend on begging,
crime, prostitution and street drugs for survival. These children are susceptible to many dangers,
including imprisonment, drug abuse, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, and even death. Children turn to
the streets in situations of extreme poverty and when they are abandoned or orphaned, and the
need to commit these acts at such a young age can have severe psychological, behavioral and
physical effects on the children. Life is so beautiful. God presents us with this gift of life not to
suffer from what we can have as our right. Health care protection is a hot issue in developing
countries. On paper, kids are protected and have primary care. In reality, the situation is quite,
quite different. Our mutual efforts, our support - all this African children need most of all.
Together, we will fulfill our duty of cherishing every human life.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

street children Waiting to enter the comunity hall in kisenyi

About us............

Kisenyi children foundation is a non-profit organization in Kampala, Uganda that works directly with orphans and street children.

Company Overview
Kisenyi children foundation is a non-profit organization (Community Based Organization CBO) that aims to serve orphans and vulnerable children (e.g. street children). The organization was formed after recognizing that many of Uganda’s orphans and vulnerable children do not receive the support and care they need in order to grow into healthy, functioning adult members of society. In response to this recognized need, KCF aims to restore hope in and support orphans and vulnerable children to grow and succeed through the provision of basic care (i.e. shelter, food, education and medical care), advocacy (at a community and government level), outreach, counseling, opportunities for self-actualization through recreation and skill building and resettlement when possible.